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February 22 2018





Nobody is on this site for anything but shitty hot takes, shittier jokes, and porn so safe mode is a waste of everyone’s time

look, if i’m in public, i don’t want to see an anime girl getting rawed at 10 am

agreeing to a Russian Roulette with your dignity and public image amongst strangers on the line is part of this website’s terms of service

that’s fair

February 20 2018


You’ve heard of femme..
You’ve heard of butch..

fuckin’ lazy ass gay woman who wishes she could dress more femme but she too depressed and apathetic to try to look nice, so she just wears the same three all black outfits

February 05 2018



Yall do know that if you only hit someone up to talk about how sad you are & not much else, youre training that person to get sad whenever they see ur name in their notifications, right?

Its cool to have someone ya vent to, but the people you vent to are people too yanno? Hold a conversation with them. Remind them that theyre actually friends & not a bucket out only approach to dump your woes into. Things like that weigh on people.

February 04 2018

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This came up on my facebook feed and I am so excited to see how generation Xers and Baby Boomers will find a way to use this to shit on millenials anyways

nice okay we’re off to a good start

oh boy do i have something to tell you about millennials, working, and debt that’s gonna absolutely blow your socks off

banksy’s family found this article

Why old people so mad.

It’s funny because millennials can pretty much multitask like it’s second nature simply because it’s necessary to keep up with society, while baby boomers whine about reading subtitles and can’t seem to program anything more complicated than a VCR.

But sure, ok, the kids are lazy and have entitlement complexes

Older Generations: -Make comics about kids not knowing how books work-

Millenials: -Read more books than anyone else-

Older Generations: …no we changed our minds reading a lot is lazy and entitled now

I had a professor, way older, talk at a great length about how his generation is more well read than Millenials. When it was brought up that our generation reads more, he literally came out of nowhere with “Well, that’s not the point. See, my generation was better informed. You kids don’t know what it is to actually sit down and read for information. This generation is the least informed of any previous generation! Other generations sat and read, listened to the radio for information. There’s access, but are any of you *actually* informed? No. If I wanted to know what happened in Finland to make it a country, I would go to the library, speak to another human being, and check out books to read on the subject. We were happy to do it.”

A girl a few seats behind me goes, “Bullshit. If I want to know that, I can Google that in a few seconds depending on my signal. I can youtube or Netflix a documentary on Finnish History. I can listen to podcasts made by Scandinavian historians. I can use Duolingo to get a better than basic understanding of the language, and use Amazon same-day to get a book in my hand by my last class of the day, delivered to the class. I can order Finnish food on my ubereats app, find a language partner chat app to video with people in Helsinki, use Google Earth to visit, patronise interactive museums, and stream the most popular films from the country *right now*. If I so desire I can take an opensource course from a highly accredited university about the same subject and apply to study abroad with a trusted program with the click of a button. I can use Tinder to find me someone there to get some with, I can buy plane tickets and find a top rated hotel for a good price with great reviews and stream their local radio stations with an app. I can buy train tickets, bus tickets and rent a car. We aren’t less informed. We just don’t learn things we don’t give a shit about or need just to say we did all smug about it. Stop sneering at us for the access your generation dreamed of giving us actually happening just because your old ass doesn’t know how to use it.”


me @ my unapologetic love for warrior cats in the year 2018

February 02 2018

callout post for @matt-toro

warning for emotional manipulation, pedophilia, and mentions of rape and torture

<!-- more -->

I’ve sat on this post for a long time, but talking through it with others recently has made me inconceivably pissed off about it and I’d really just like to put this out there.

To put it briefly, Matt (matt-toro, matthew-toro, whatever else he’s going by nowadays) pushed me into a pedophilic or at the very least borderline pedophilic relationship in 2017, encouraged and normalized doing sexual (often rape-oriented) rps with him when i was thirteen and manipulated me into staying with him by constantly threatening suicide and making himself out to be the victim as well as shit-talking practically everyone on the server at one point or another, not to mention the fact that he treated others in a similar way and “dated” at least two other people during this time frame (while claiming they had pushed him into it). While I don’t have any screenshots for this due to the fact that a) I really didn’t think I would be writing this due to the fact that I left the community and b) wanted to get him as far away from me as possible, I’d still like to get it out there in the hope that others at least give it some thought.

And to be clear right from the get-go, Matt KNEW the entire time that he was interacting with a minor. We first met when I was eleven and we were both in the Undertale community and I made it very clear that I was underage. After less than a year of interaction I deleted and remade a few times before dropping contact with him.

Moving on to 2017, I joined the siren-legion server and pretty quickly it all got sorted out that yeah, I was that girl who deleted a bazillion times and yeah, I knew Matt and some other people on the server. After a few conversations back and forth I made an offhand comment about Marianne being a sexual character and Matt- who knew he was talking to a minor, or at the very least should have had some faint idea -immediately asked about the possibility of a sexual rp, and not just a sexual rp, but a rape rp. This should have been an immediate red flag, but I thought I was a mature kid and that this somehow compensated for the fact that I wasn’t even out of middle school and should have backed away immediately. I said I didn’t really want to due to the fact that I felt uncomfortable with that writing style and he waved away my concerns, leading me to just shrug and go on with it, which later resulted in Magnus and Heidi for those who remember.

This sort of behavior continued back and forth, with Matt being vaguely to extremely creepy and me being too much of a blind fuck to notice, but I feel like it’s important to note that during this time frame not only did he post something in the siren-legion server that he meant to post to a server about torture and rape (?????????) but he also told me he was in a rape rp with someone who was TWELVE at the time.

Matt would also constantly vent about just about anything, which is acceptable, but he also started using his circumstances to try and passively or fully manipulate me, which is not. Multiple times I tried to leave discord, tumblr, or siren-legion and multiple times he threatened suicide if I left and said that I was the only thing keeping him alive or that I was the only person he cared about (bullshit), which is something that I was by no means emotionally prepared for, and he’d do this to the point where even not speaking to him for a few days resulted in him guilt-tripping me for “ignoring” him. This tactic of his left me afraid to do anything for fear of him hurting himself, and unintentionally or not, the way he never stopped talking about how depressed or abused he was meant that he was cultivating an image of himself being a victim, which wouldn’t mean much if it weren’t for the fact that he also actively tried to turn me against members of siren-legion, to the point where he said that being friends with one of the members “hurt” him somehow, or that that member’s friend supporting them in their art was a “circlejerk”. If I ever said something he did make me uncomfortable he would apologize and guilt-trip me, then never actually change his behavior at all. This particular kind of behavior culminated when he scared me so bad with suicide threats, when nothing I said seemed to be working and he was acting dead-set on suicide, that I e-mailed his police department about a welfare check and he blew up in a conversation that started at logical points and siderailed into him essentially telling me that I had ruined his life forever and he’d never be able to go online again, only for him to return the next day acting like it had never happened.

Again, I was thirteen. I was in no way qualified or prepared to essentially be his therapist and he drove me to panic and tears so many times that I can’t even count, not to mention the fact that when I brought up this point to him, he waved it off by claiming I was the ONLY person he could talk to, which in hindsight was both bullshit and manipulative as all hell.

Later on he asked me to be his qpp, a term that I now honestly find kind of bullshit, and I accepted because I thought it would just be like a glorified friend and that nothing could go wrong. Several days later, he said that if I was older he probably would have asked me out, and I agreed- because again, what could go wrong?

It is at this point that I feel the need to mention the issue of Matt’s age. If he had just said he was 17, which was what he listed on his blog, I would have been a hell of a lot more weirded out, because that would be a four-year age gap during a time where mental and social development occur much more rapidly and age means a LOT more in relationships than it does later in life. But a while before Matt had asked me to be his qpp he told me that he was actually 16, and that for some reason he lies about his age until he knows people better. I mean, alright, no big deal, don’t see why, but whatever.

However, as soon as I said ‘yeah, I’d probably have asked you out if we were older’ (key word older), he immediately started asking about dating if we were still together later down the line. I agreed again- spinelessness at work -and said maybe if we were still together in college, which I justified by there being a three-year age gap that would even out by then. He then chose that impeccable timing to mention that he was actually fifteen, and that he was only fifteen to the people he trusted the most. I didn’t see the point, but I kinda shrugged again and said ‘yeah, okay, high school’, even though his birthday was in a month or so at that time and he said he would be graduating high school when I was a freshman. During the months afterward he proceeded to routinely guilt-trip me about setting boundaries, convincing me to date him now (and not say anything about it, hmm i wonder why), guilting me about not wanting to “kiss” through online chat (i mean what the fuck?) and doing other weird shit. For example, occasionally he’d ask for a selfie and I would say no because I wasn’t dressed, and his response was not to shrug and back off but instead to push for me to send one anyway. Eventually it got to the point where I was only “dating” him because I seriously thought he would hurt himself if I left, which is the exact opposite of a healthy relationship, especially considering that regardless of the “technically-15” bullshit he was still about to be three years older than me when we started dating, we had very little in common, and the only real reason we talked so much was because of either sl (which he dropped) or bitching about our problems. I know I’ve been harping on that point a lot, but regardless of whatever bullshit you pull out of a hat about aging I was a child, I trusted him and I wasn’t ready to have to play therapist, regardless of what I thought at the time there’s no way in hell I was mature enough to be doing sexual rps (ESPECIALLY rape, which is something I never should have done to begin with), and at that age three years is a huge fucking age gap in a relationship that was already built off of guilt-tripping and venting.

Speaking of venting, Matt spent about half of his venting bitching about siren-legion, usually the same two people (who hadn’t even done anything wrong?) but occasionally ranting about something trivial but somehow irreparable someone else had done to him. And the “to him” part was important. He NEVER had anything to say about people being dicks on siren-legion or anywhere else unless it was to him, at which point he seemed to find it an irreparable slight. Even when there was drama going on that involved lots of people who were being actually and legitimately terrible, he had nothing to say. But if one person in particular did so much as breathe he was angry as hell. He constantly ranted about how abusive that person was despite the fact that they were even younger than I was and they were friends with lots of people on the server and had never had so much as a bad word spoken of them. He got angry when their friends supported them, he got angry when people called him out on his shit, he got angry at just about anything and turned it around to make himself the victim, often sending me full transcripts of private conversations he had with other people for seemingly no reason.

And after talking with someone else about the issue, I’ve confirmed that I’m not the only one to put up with his bullshit. He did this to other people as well, and even “dated” two other people who were both as old or older than he was during the same time frame as when he dated me (he said they pushed him into it, but I call bullshit for multiple reasons) and honestly, while I spent a long time trying to justify his behavior as unintentional or non-manipulative (I went along, he didn’t mean to, he was depressed, no one else had an issue, etc. etc.), looking back on it he was extremely toxic to me and whether it was unintentional or not he enabled my bad behaviors, spawned and encouraged worse ones, and sent my mental state into a tailspin that I’m still only partially recovered from. For a long time just seeing someone from siren-legion (which he only seemed to have a problem with me leaving back when nobody was calling him out on his shit) would make me extremely uncomfortable and sick to my stomach, and honestly he’s the worst person I’ve met so far in my life.

Matt was just a toxic person and as far as I know he still is. I don’t really know how to wrap this up, but if you’ve read all of this, thank you.

January 21 2018

i finally figured it out guys!! i’ve been hiding from tumblr because everyone on my dash and everything that i’ve done on this hellsite makes me sick!!!

December 22 2017

i cant believe i had a mild mental breakdown because of a bunch of fucking braces

November 29 2017

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since this post got deleted, here it is


yall its been real but if net neutrality gets booted there is no way in HELL i am ever paying to use tumblr






Hey what the fuck happened to all the net neutrality coverage

This shit is still happening people, and all of the sudden its disappeared from my dash almost entirely over night

I don’t know why, but I think people are automatically being unfollowed from the Net Neutrality tag. It happens to me every time I try to follow it. I’ll follow the tag, come back 20 minutes later & I’ll for some reason have unfollowed the tag automatically. I think this may be happening to a majority of people in an attempt to silence the resistance. Please take a screen shot of this post in case it gets deleted.

hey yeah can yall reblog this cause this is very important. Tumblr is ACTIVELY trying to silence out outrage at this by making us incapable of seeing coverage of events. We’re all gonna have to come together and step up about this.

Every little note counts, spread the word, dont give in so easily


Please spread the word! Screen shot this post just in case it gets deleted!!

There is a reason that happens.  Tumblr is OWNED by Verizon who is a leader in throwing money at getting rid of Net Neutrality.  They have spent literally millions to bring it down so that they can charge you more, slow down your internet and block you from sites they do not deem appropriate.  Keep sending in letters, emails and making phone calls.  IF you post about it ADD links for FS!

What is Net Neutrality: click here (X)

How to fight back, doing NOTHING is not an option:  





Tumblr doesn’t care about Net Neutrality anymore.


Let’s take a look at some screenshots of an article I was reading earlier today…

Keyword: was. They don’t support net neutrality anymore. Why you ask? well…

Tumblr is owned by Yahoo. Now that Verizon (a company that hates net neutrality) bought Yahoo, they have demanded that Tumblr must stop supporting net neutrality too. The Tumblr staff has stopped posting about net neutrality.

This site is being forced to hate net neutrality. (article link)

If they destroy net-neutrality, teen suicides will skyrocket.


If this happens, people struggling with their mental health and/or abusive situations, especially teenagers, will have to pay for access to the many hotline/chat services for suicide/crisis prevention, mental health support, drug safety and intervention, and general information about life they don’t teach in school/sex ed. The many forums that exist for all types of disorders/illnesses, if they can afford to stay afloat, will likely come in a separate “Forum” bundle, too. And since we are talking primarily about teenagers here, they will more likely ask their parents to buy these things for them, which is a problem for very obvious reasons.

Have you ever talked someone down from suicide over the internet? Helped them when they were cutting? Gave them emotional support at a fragile time? Becuase without net neutrality, a lot of those people will be out of your reach. A lot of them rely on their internet friends, because they may live in a shitty ass place, full of ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and racism. This is their safe place, this is what keeps them alive.

How many people figured out that they are normal, valid, and ok, all because of the internet? I’m willing to bet a lot of you reading this. Perhaps, because of the internet, you found out what being transgender was, and you just knew. Maybe, you realized that being asexual didn’t mean you were broken. Possibly you’ve seen others go through your same struggle, with depression, anxiety, bipolar, phobias, etc, and suddenly you were not alone.

Now imagine the next generation of kids growing up without this.


Dear Verizon & Yahoo

You won’t shut me up about Net Neutrality and I shall keep posting about it.

With anger,

Your users that keep your greedy businesses alive.

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This is what the Internet will look like if we allow Pai and the FCC dismantle net neutrality.


(Images taken from a quick google images search - which will become impossible if net neutrality is destroyed. Think about that )


this is your reminder that tumblr’s parent company, verizon (an active enemy of net neutrality) has been forcibly censoring net neutrality coverage on the site. posts have been deleted, people have been automatically unfollowed from the tag, and no matter how much anyone posts about it, they have blocked net neutrality from reaching the trending tags.
let me stress how important this is.
this is active media censorship.
and if net neutrality dies, you can expect to see a lot more of that in the future. (if you can still afford social media…)
i fully expect this post to be deleted. screenshot it. repost it. make an uproar! we cant let this happen!
keep spreading this message until the servers cant keep up anymore. keep going; never be silenced. tell everyone you know who enjoys the internet. spread this to facebook, twitter, instagram, anywhere. everyone deserves a free and neutral internet.

November 15 2017


People that get invested in fiction and examine fictional lore need to learn how to tell the difference between which lore is actually important to the series and which lore is an excuse for something.

November 08 2017


I think i was supposed to @ you if i sent an application? So.. @’d

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> ivypool aesthetic — sometimes, you have to be your own hero


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